Strolling about is a personal blog about travels, photography, lifestyle and an endeavour to stay creative in every day life. It was created with the aim of keeping in touch with our families back in Poland and as a diary of our life in Scotland but gained readers from across the world since then.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you'll enjoy reading along and joining the conversation in the comments!

About Malgosia

The blog is written by Malgosia (equivalent of Margaret in Polish). My husband (Jakub) and I  met during the carefree high-school times in Warsaw and we have been together ever since. We moved to Scotland in 2007 to start university. In 2010  on a very sunny day we were married in Poland and decided to continue living in Edinburgh.

We enjoy everything Scotland has to offer -  the western isles, lochs, munros, green spaces, beautiful architecture, rich history, galleries and museums, festivals.

Our favourite way of spending free time is by just strolling about and discovering new places.

Why Strolling about?

This is how we enjoy spending our free time. Be it down the Edinburgh New Town, barefoot on the beach, on a city break in Europe or in our home country - Poland.


  1. I LOVE Edinburgh!! Such a gorgeous and fascinating city!!

  2. Hello! I also live in Edinburgh and I have a blog which is about living in Scotland ;) I hope you will have a look ;) I think it would be nice to meet and have a stroll around the city together with our cameras of course ;) What do you think?