2 February 2014

January has flown by. Coming back from Poland is never easy, especially after Christmas. Back to the greyness of everyday life, commute, work, studying, cold flat and empty fridge. No New Year resolutions, just being sometimes takes too much energy.

The most important exams in my life (to date) are in two weeks time and all I can think of is when can I quit being a student and start my life properly. I guess life works like that a lot of the time. Everybody (and by everybody I mean me) is waiting for something constantly.

Two weekends ago my parents and uncle came for a short visit to Edinburgh. We walked around New Town, went for the best Italian in the city (it's Nona's Kitchen) and visited Roslin and South Queensferry. 3 days filled with laughter, long walks and good coffee. My dad makes awesome coffee. Even when he's reading a paper, when asked to make me a coffee he will do it right that minute. With latte art and all. As we said goodbye at Edinburgh airport, I couldn't wait until I see them again.

Then I got sick, my body telling me to stop and breathe, as it usually does. 3 packets of oat and raisin cookies plus orange juice (and a visit to my GP) later I am going back to classes tomorrow.

We started a book club with my friend Kristina and a bunch of her friends from uni. Since they're all studying Spanish literature we chose Allende's book for our pilot meeting. It lasted 7 hours and was the best thing that happened this year.

February will be a good month. My sister is coming to visit us for a week and we're all going to Bastille concert (!).  I'm also teaching J how to make bread and curry, the two things that make winter more bearable.

Here are some pictures from our January, from Garwolin (my hometown), Edinburgh, Roslin and South Queensferry.


 Sunset in Garwolin

 Our first book club choice: Of love and Shadows by I. Allende - a lot of good discussion points.

My parents and the Forth Bridge

PS. Most of those pictures were taken by J.


  1. Wow! Your photos are beautiful! I am so glad you are feeling better and cookies always help me when Im sick.

    1. Thanks Erika! yes I'm almost back to normal. Oat and raisin cookies are the best remedy. also sweet tea with lemon.

  2. w sensie 'bread and curry' jako wariacja rice&curry, czy te dwie rzeczy osobno? ;)
    zabawne w sumie, tak przeczytałam że wracasz z polski do szarości i codzienności - a nam, mimo że żyje się całkiem fajnie i nie mogę na nic narzekać, z automatu wydaje się, ze jak to, 'za granica musi być super, to my tu gnijemy w szarej polsce, musimy się stąd ruszyć!'. w każdym razie, powodzenia życzę! (i btw wielkie dzięki za wyróżnienie w poprzednim poście, miło mi)

    1. dwie rzeczy osobno :) nauczylam Kube robic bo sama mam sesje teraz i nie mam czasu na gotowanie. a z wyjazdem z Polski to jest tak ze po pierwsze trawa zawsze jest bardziej zielona za plotem, a po drugie my idealizujemy Polske bo ostatni raz mieszkalismy tam w czasach liceum (zero odpowiedzialnosci, rachunkow do placenia i jedzenie u mamusi) a po drugie duzo naszych znajomych zostalo w Polsce. zamierzamy ostatecznie wrocic jak skoncze studia. wiele rzeczy dopiero docenilam jak tu pomieszkalam troche (jedzenie! tanie wyjazdy w gory czy na dzialke do znajomych! slonce i brak deszczu!) , a tym roku juz nam 7 lat minie odkad wyjechalismy...

  3. Wow, these photos are very beautiful! I hope the exams went well! (I'm a little behind on my blog reading ;) )


    1. Thanks K! My exam is actually tomorrow, can't wait till the weekend !