On gardening

24 September 2013

Whenever I talk with my friends about living in the modern world, the society and life I arrive at the same conclusion: I want to buy a piece of land in Poland and have my own sustainable farm. With a cow and ten chickens, a vegetable patch with courgettes and beetroot. I'm not even sure if I'd like to have Internet (how ironic of me to write this on a blog). Another dream is to live on one of the northern Isles in Scotland and work as a rural doctor. Those couple of days we spent on Skye this summer have been as serene as being in  Norway or in Polish mountains and I keep wanting to sit outside on a croft listening to the sea.

For the next 4 years we have to live in a city or a big town. Who knows where we will end up once I graduate: Edinburgh? London? Inverness perhaps? So to make my dreams a bit more realistic, I started planning to grow my own vegetables next spring. Why wait until we can afford a garden? Why not start small and see how it works out? My happiness would be even more complete if we could have a couple of chickens, but I'm not sure how legal it is. Or what our neighbours would think of that idea.

Last Sunday we went to one of my favourite places in Edinburgh - the Botanic Gardens. There was a brass band playing right next to the Edible Gardening project, which encourages people to grow their own vegetables, offers advice on how to get started and even runs drop in session and has a couple of patches for local schools. I think it's awesome.

Back in Poland my grandma has a vegetable patch in our garden (she lives close by and has recently given up her allotment place). Recently she's been telling me about all the preserves she was preparing with my mum for the winter: plum marmalade, cherry jams, sun dried tomatoes and of course pickled cucumbers. I remember removing stones from cherries when I was little, sitting with my sister in front of our flat, our hands red from the cherry juice. Or when my granddad's plum tree had so much fruit it collapsed and we sat on the trunk and ate ripe plums straight from the branches. I'd love to create more memories like those, so fingers crossed, next spring I'll have my own edible garden, or at least an edible plant pot with an odd tomato or courgette.

Do you have a garden? Or did you have one growing up?

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