ECA degree show 2011

15 October 2011

Sculptures by a Korean artist  Hyanghee Lee

 Anish Kapoor, Untitled (2010). Wax, oil based paint and steel
This sculpture was being made constantly, as the metal piece was moving and smoothing the wax. Curious.

Photography exhibition of Pu Yao titled: Blackfriars. You can see more here.

Sometime in August we visited the Edinburgh College of Art for a postgraduate degree show. I almost forgot that we took some pictures there and found them today on my computer. It was so interesting to see the various art pieces produced over the last year by young and talented students. We were truly amazed at some of the pieces we saw. J's favourite section was architecture and interior design and mine illustration. That's also where we came across the work of Turine, whom we then interviewed here. I'd highly recommend art schools' degree shows if you'd like to discover new talents and get some inspiration. We're definitely going next year.

Hope you're having a lazy and relaxed Saturday:)

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