Seen through the artist's eyes - Fiona Purves

1 September 2011

Today we are delighted to welcome another extremely talented artist on our blog to talk a little bit about her work and living in Edinburgh. Fiona Purves is a graduate of Edinburgh College of Art, who draws and paints beautiful nature-inspired pieces which tell intriguing stories about the surroundings.

(I fell in love with the Goose illustration, the look she gives me just makes me smile:) ).

Here is what Fiona has answered to our questions...


Maggie: Could you tell us about your work?
Fiona: I love the spontaneity of observed drawing, and use an instinctive approach to drawing in order to capture a sense of energy and character. After a long obsession with drawing animals, I am exploring different subjects, and have just started a project based on cities and maps. I am also hoping to pursue a project based on faces and hands, and another all about houses and objects.

M: What inspires you? 
Fiona: I am generally inspired by my every day surroundings - I always notice new colours, shapes and characters and this feeds naturally into my work. My inspirations for personal projects are always changing, but at the moment, I am fascinated by aerial views of cities. I love the buildings and streets found in European cities, especially in Paris and Amsterdam; there is just so much character. 

M: What do you find unique about Edinburgh?
Fiona: The city's architecture and structure is amazing -  I love all of the steep hills and winding streets. Having grown up in the Scottish Borders and having lived in Edinburgh for six years now, I have known the city for my whole life, and yet there are still new parts to discover. 

M: Where would you take a visitor for a walk in the city? 
Fiona: Dean Village because it is so pretty. Or to Blackford Pond to see the swans and up Blackford Hill to see the view.

M: Favorite cafe? 
Fiona: I love Falko Konditormeister in Bruntsfield - they have the most delicious cakes, bread and pastries.

M: Where would yo go for lunch with friends?
Fiona: The Dogs on Hanover Street is great - the food is good and very reasonably priced! And being surrounded by pictures of dogs is always brilliant.


Paris from Up High

Rainy Day


Thank you so much for taking part in our project Fiona, it's been great to have you here!

You can find many more of Fiona's beautiful illustrations and drawings at her website and etsy shop.
You can also keep up to date with her artistic adventures at her blog, twitter and facebook page. Enjoy!

PS. Here is the first episode of Seen Through the Artist's Eyes series, in case you missed it.

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