My commute

20 September 2011

I commute to Glasgow most days for University. It's a rather pleasant commute I have to say, the trains are rarely overcrowded and I usually get the window seat. Sometimes I have a nap on the train, but if I had enough coffee with my breakfast, I love looking through the window at the countryside. Yesterday was a very sunny crisp morning so today I can take you with me on my daily journey from East to West.

Autumn is here, no doubt about that.
It was such a sunny day!

Fellow commuters rushing to the station.

Can you spot my shadow?
On the outskirts of Edinburgh.

Speeding through the country.
Going from East to West we were leaving the sunshine behind us.
Beautiful fields.
Gorgeous views from the train window. The light was incredible. 

And back in Edinburgh again to a rainy afternoon. Luckily I had my umbrella. One day I will leave a bit earlier so I have time to take some pictures in Glasgow too! 

Have a lovely day!

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  1. I love the big skies you get going across the central belt to Glasgow.