Last weekend - the Botanic Garden

21 September 2011

There was a bit of both sun and rain last weekend but generally it was terribly gloomy. We would normally spend it under cosy blankets drinking tea or another soothing beverage of choice. However, it's the end of warmer days and we want to take the full advantage of our weekends.

On Sunday I was half asleep for most of the day. We had some shopping to do and by the time we were done the rain started for good. Although tempted to head back home, we decided to drive by the Botanic Garden hoping the weather would improve (you never know in Edinburgh!). Indeed, the rain eased off and we crossed the gates.

The Royal Botanic Garden is an amazing place we've always known about but I haven't visited until recently. It might not be the best botanic garden or something that you can't see anywhere else, but what I like most about it is that it's a proper park. That's nothing extraordinary you say. Well, yeah. But we don't really have proper parks in Edinburgh. Not too many, anyway. We do have gardens - private ones and public ones. But they're usually tiny. Princes Street Gardens aren't that small, but they are by one of the busiest streets and often full of people. Also, there should be more trees in a real park!
The Botanic Garden is tucked away from the city centre and is rather spacious with it's Victorian palm houses, with dozens of paths to wander and a huge collection of plants including about half a thousand rhododenron species (of which M. is very fond).

M. just before entering the Fairy Wood. No, really, that's what the sign said:

On the other side

Inevitably, the fall is coming

And it started to rain again...

Properly rain...

Love the victorian palm houses. Such a brilliant piece of design and architecture.

There's even a little waterfall and a mountain stream

Calton Hill and Arthur Seat from afar

It turned out the Garden was just what we needed. The marvelous smell of trees and flowers and so much green at the same time woke us up in no time. Even the rain was more refreshing than depressing.

PS All pictures taken by us last Sunday.


  1. I love the Botanics, I went recently myself. If I can I would like to get married there. Did you visit the new visitor centre? I really like the new building.

  2. Yes, we wanted to go for cream tea in the afternoon but it was so busy, we didn't get the chance. I really like the design of the new centre as well. This Sunday there was an outdoor wedding there. The couple had a harphist playing for the ceremony, it looked beautiful.