Baby it's cold outside

16 September 2011

It's this time of the year of chilly and sunny mornings and beautiful sunsets in Edinburgh. Yesterday when I walked to the train station in the morning the sky was clear and blue, no cloud in sight. I wished I took my gloves with me though. Yes, it's still summer according to the calendar, but not in Scotland. In Poland we say that Autumn is a golden season. There are a lot of trees and woods in our homeland, and the pavements turn into colorful carpets in shades of yellow, ochre and red. In Edinburgh it's mostly the early morning light that's golden. It makes my day whenever I wake up to such a crisp light morning, inhale deeply the freezing cold air when I walk to Haymarket station and watch the sun kiss every window of the sandstone houses around. 

PS. All of the pictures are by J, taken in February, but the light is the same as in September.  

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