Seen through the artist's eyes - Turine Viet-Tu TRAN

30 August 2011

This week we are excited to begin the first series on our blog. Having been to the Edinburgh College of Art degree show, a couple of design markets and fayres, we discovered that there is a very vibrant artistic community in Edinburgh. That's why we'd love to feature some of the young designers and illustrators, and ask them a couple of questions about living in the city. 
The idea is that we will create a guide to Edinburgh as seen through the artist's eyes. 

First up is Turine Viet-Tu TRAN, an incredibly talented illustrator, originally from Vietnam. Her dreamy and imaginative illustrations brought me right back to my childhood. Here is what Turine said about her work and living in Edinburgh...


Maggie: Could you tell us about your work?
Turine: Through nostalgic, dreamy images, I let out the playfulness and creativity within myself. I draw in   order to see things once again the way I did as a child. Pre-occupied with books and illustration, I aim to bring people to a whimsical world where a tiny wild flower could become a fantastic wonder.

M: What inspires you?
Turine: Growing up in an old house full of dusty books, in a busy area of Saigon, Vietnam, I always have two main obsessions: picture books and nature. With illustration, I find myself in the balance of a wild world I am living in, a mixture of cultural inspirations, and the golden days of my childhood.

M: What do you find unique about Edinburgh?
Turine: People with humour, wit, and kindness are everywhere. You can easily find the vibrancy of the city, yet nature is always around. I feel as if Edinburgh has many angles and levels, and if you look from the right angles, you feel like you can capture the whole city. It's like watching a beautiful scene on a huge stage. You don't have to travel far to reach the countryside. Farms and cottages with goats, sheep, horses are just 15-20 minutes from the city's busiest area.

M: Where would you take a visitor for a walk in the city?
Turine: In the city centre: From Victoria Street to Grass Market, and continue towards Greyfriars. Out of city centre (my daily walk): a quiet road behind Tower Kennels, looking down over Braid Hill.

M: Favorite cafe?
Turine: Forest Cafe (map).

M: Where would yo go for lunch with friends?
Turine: I don't often go out for lunch with friends, just a sandwich from any coffee shop nearby the Art College, but if I do want to treat myself and 1 or 2 friends, definitely a late lunch at Maison Bleue on Victoria St (map).


Thank you so much Turine for taking part in our feautre. 
You can find more of Turine's artwork including book illustrations and sketches at her website.

* All illustrations © 2011 Turine TRAN - All Rights Reserved

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