IKEA dresser renovation project

5 August 2011

I was so excited about this project. It was relatively easy, and everything went smoothly until the very last steps i.e. the stripes. I used a ruler and a masking tape, made all the measurements and yet my lines are far from being crisp and one of them is off by about 3 cm. BUT I still love my new dresser and I'm going to leave it imperfect as it is (at least for now).

Here is what I did:

  • I sanded the whole dresser (already assembled) with a fine sanding paper
  • wiped it with a wet cloth and allowed to dry
  • coated 3 times with the wood stain and sanded with fine sanding paper between coats
  • painted the fronts twice with a white paint and sanded between coats
  • painted stripes once and peeled off the masking tape about 25 minutes after painting (and was very upset the lines weren't crisp)
  • I bought 4 ceramic knobs from Anthropologie and painted 2 knobs with the wood stain once

Time: preparation: 20 minutes, painting 1.5h plus waiting time between coats

Cost: about £20 (+ the dresser)

Overall, it was a very enjoyable project. I think I managed to achieve the scandinavian feel I was after and I don't even mind the not-so-perfect stripes any more. I think if anything it adds a little bit of charm (although I may or may not have called it a DIY fail at some point). I may still decide to remove the paint and make them nice and crisp one day.

Have you tried any IKEA hacks before?

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  1. Super komódka. Bardzo fajny wzór geometryczny. Podoba mi sie to złudzenie optyczne. piszę ten komentarz drugi raz, bo mam wrażenie, że sie nie zapisał, choć napisałam wcześniej. Pozdrawiam. o. f.