White unicorn

26 July 2011

 The other day we just wandered around the New Town and dropped into the Unicorn Antiques in Dundas Street. It's one of the main roads spanning from the Princes Street to Canonmills, which hosts several art galleries and interior design shops (it's also the busy road that little Bertie was too scared to cross in one of the 44 Scotland Steet books). The little antique shop is located in one of the garden and lower-garden level flats (i.e. basement), filled up to the ceiling with mirrors, lamps, frames, maps, hardware and curious objects, whose functions have been forgotten a long time ago. I wanted to buy an old botanical book, so I could frame some prints, but didn't have much luck. We were happy just browsing through the piles of antiques (or junk if you like) and chatting with the owners. They said they added quite a lot of new items to the shop regularly so we will sure pop back  in sometime soon. It's definitely worth checking out if you happen to be visiting Edinburgh.

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  1. There's nothing better than an antique store crammed with delicious hidden treasures!